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The following literacy skills are used by effective readers and writers in both their first and second languages. These strategies are intended to help you improve your interaction with text as readers and writers.


Think of reading as a process. Let's divide it into a three stage process: pre-reading; during reading; and post-reading. At the pre-reading stage the reader previews the text to be read. During reading the reader obtains meaning from the text and pays attention to some of the ideas generated in the pre-reading stage. Post-reading involves taking stock of the content and meaning and considering the text from a variety of different perspectives. All three stages in the reading process are connected and recursive.


Think of writing as a process. Let's divide it into a three stage process. Prewriting, Writing and Rewriting. Prewriting can be thought of as the stage during which you preview your text by planning and organizing what you will write. Writing is the stage when you view your text and compose your ideas. Rewriting involves reshaping, editing and revising the ideas and grammar in your text. Each stage during the writing process is connected to the other and recursive in nature. Think of writing as a connected circle.


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