Learning Skills
- Speaking vs writing
- Strategies for academic success
- Academic skills
- Language skills
- Reading strategies
- Exercises in reading strategies
- Writing strategies
- Improving your vocabulary



Try any and or all of the strategies of prereading with the brief text below.

The Peace Economy
The concept of a peace economy emerged in recent years when major world powers stopped fighting and began to work together to address global problems. In a peace economy, war no longer has a market. At the end of the Cold War, the need to produce war-related materials diminished. Powerful countries shifted from a war economy to a peace economy. Defense budgets were cut. The Soviet Union considered what to do with its large nuclear arsenal. World leaders dbated how the economy could be stimulated to ensure peace, and replace defense items and the production of weapons for war (materials, person-power, etc.).

England, L. & Uber-Grosse, C. (1995) Speaking of Business. (p. 98) Boston, MA: Heinle & Heinle

Using the same text try any and or all of reading strategies.


Using the same text try any or all of the postreading strategies.


NOTE: Reading and writing are recursive processes which means you can return to a piece of text several times to take notes, record sources, check information, and fulfill your assignments.


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