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Welcome to the Learning Skills system

The Learning Skills research aims to provide a set of study aids, leading to those skills required for good academic performance.

The yellow buttons to the left of the screen provide you with a selection of skill categories. By clicking on the buttons with your mouse some will lead you to electronic study guides and interactive tests; others will refer to you to external sources, electronic or paper based.

If you are interested in a particular subject but are unaware of where to find it in the categories provided, you can select with your mouse the 'Search' word above, which will give you the option to look for particular key words, similar to the way you would look into a book's index.

Where available, course specific entries on skills can be found under the 'course specific' button to the left.

Finally, the site is keeping statistics on usage of top pages; that includes the address of the computer from where you access the pages. This information is only used for statistical analysis for the continuing improvement of the site.


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