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Writing a Statement in Support of Your Application

  • GENERAL This is the first step in preparing an application. Research the job/career area/organisation by reading information booklets and employer information booklets and employer information/vacancy information.
    1. Write down on a piece of paper all the key words/sentences which describe the job/organisation using the following "trigger" words:
      1. interests
      2. skills/abilities - personality, intellectual, practical
      3. qualifications
      4. experience
      5. special aptitudes
      6. values
      7. physique/health
    2. Now turn to your self (be prepared to brainstorm all aspects of your life since aged 18, possibly 16 years). Write down on a piece of paper the best example of evidence you can think of which correlates positively with each factor describing the job/organisation which you have elicited in 2.
    3. Assemble this evidence in properly put-together sentences and paragraphs, comprising your "statement in support of application".

  • SPIN OFF The statement is more likely to be precise, definite, concrete, specific and relevant. Can be used in an application form or to accompany a CV in the form of a letter.

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