Learning Skills
- Learning plan
- Background research
- Concentration
- Overcoming difficulties
- Motivation


Becoming a better learner


The following is a practical guide that aims to introduce students the cognitive abilities involved in learning process and some techniques for making better use of those abilities.
Instructions about the pages that follow
Each topic contains a description / practical advice / examples and exercises.
How can the user benefit from these pages?
  • Improve his/her learning abilities
  • Learn techniques usefull to carry out academic work
  • Get ideas how to overcome difficulties
  • Learn how to motivate his/her self
  • Find out how to do background work
Where did we get the information
Part of the research was carried out using questionnaires. The aim of the questionnaires was to gather information on users' skills, preferences and techniques, and to encourage comments, proposals and suggestions for the creation of this project.
The rest of the information was obtained from published and unpublished bibliography on relevant subjects.



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