Learning Skills
- How to find your learning style
- Cognitive styles
- Psychological styles
- Social styles


3. Seagal/Honne model

In this model, there are the following categories:

  • Relational/Emotional
    The relational or emotional dimension is responsible for connecting, organizing, feeling, assessing and communicating. The individuals learn best by working in groups, verbalizing information, and working in a relaxed environment. So they process better the information with writing, and speaking.
    How to learn:
    • If you have not comprehend a subject, discuss it with the teacher or other learners.
    • To test if you have assimilated completely a subject, explain it to another learner and answer to possible questions.
    • If you want to remember the information easier, write down notes during the lecture.
  • Mental
    The mental dimension is responsible for out thoughts, values, objectivity, focusing, and abstract conceptualization. The individuals learn best by abstracting information and working in a solitary environment.
    How to learn:
    • To acquire knowledge, go to lectures and take precise notes.
    • To assimilate the information, develop an overview, and abstract the main points of the theory.
    • To concentrate in your work, you need a solitary environment.
  • Physical
    The physical dimension is responsible for doing, manifesting, producing, and action-oriented skills. The individuals learn by hands-on applications.
    How to learn:
    • To memorize and assimilate the information, make repetitions on a daily basis, and allow time for demonstration and imitation.


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