Learning Skills
- How to find your learning style
- Cognitive styles
- Psychological styles
- Social styles


Learning Styles

Do you know your learning style?
Discover the learning style you have developed over time and make the learning procedure more fun for you!

This site will help you to:
  • Identify your learning style
  • Adopt the most appropriate, and efficient, methods of learning according to your own style.
  • Improve your method of learning, and adding new techniques which fit to your own personality, social behaviour and habits.

Your learning style is influenced by cognitive, psychological, and social-cultural factors. The cognitive factor refers to the preferred way that an individual processes information. The psychological factor refers to issues like self-esteem, inhibition, empathy, and motivation. Finally the social-cultural describe the interaction of the learner with the environment, and the other people. For each factor they have been developed different learning styles.


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