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This page is an early attempt to make the covers database more accessible. If you wish to search for covers of either a particular song, or covers performed by a certain artist, then fill in the details below. If you leave either field blank, then all songs covered by that artist, or all artists who have covered the song will be returned.

Note the keyword 'early', this version of the program only searches Part One (invidual Beatles songs recorded and released) of the main database. This program is planned (as in 'mice and men') to be upgraded to search the 'Other Parts' as well in the near future.

There are no wildcard or '*' characters, however, all songs and/or artists where the keyword(s) entered appear anywhere in the name or title will be retrieved. If I've done my programming correctly, multiple spaces, spaces replaced with tabs, and case differences should make no difference.

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If you want to search only part of the database, click on some of the following checkboxes. If you don't click on any of the boxes, the entire database (as far as is implemented anyhow) will be searched.

  1. Search Part One (individual song covers)
  2. Search Part Two (whole albums of covers)

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