Add Covers to the Beatles Covers Database

This interface is being built. At the moment, only the following sections of the database are available. All the 'click to submit' buttons are equivalent, clicking any will send all data in all the tables/fields. Data will not appear immediately on the web page, I use a manual approval procedure to prevent people using this interface to add obscenity to, or otherwise 'hack' the Beatles Database.
  1. Individual song
  2. Covers album by a single artist
  3. Covers compliation with various artists
  4. Send a comment to the maintainer or unlisted category

Part 1 - Covers of Single Songs

Please type in the information for the cover you have. If you don't know one of the columns (e.g. you don't know the artist), please leave that column blank. If you are supplying existing information for a cover already partially listed, please retype the information (song name, artist, etc) that is already listed.

If there is additional information about the song (e.g. foreign language title), please type that information in brackets after the song title, e.g.

Good Day Sunshine (Taiyou ni Yoroshiku)

Whole Album of Covers by One Artist

Name of artist:
Name of album:
Year of album:

Comments about album:

Track Listing (one song per line)

Album of Covers by Multiple Artists

Name of Album:
Year of album:

Comments about album:

Track Listing. This is a bit complex but please type in the name of the song followed by several spaces, then the name of the artists. Multiple spaces between the song and the artist are important, that's how my program will split them up. E.g.

Yellow Submarine             Rolf Harris
Don't worry if the number of spaces aren't even or if the listing looks messy, the program will fix that automatically.

General Comment/Unlisted Category

Please type in the following box any comments for the database maintainer. If you want me to email you back about anything, please include your email address (You'd be surprised how many people ask me to tell them things but don't include their email address).