Formal Modelling of Concurrent and Distributed Systems, Intelligent Agents, Grid Systems.


Main results:

  • Development of the specification language for the Logic of Rational Agency and corresponding resolution based proof technique (KARO framework);
  • Extension of the specification language to capture Normative Agents; Introduction of the formal framework for specification and verification of Grid Component Model in the setting of Branching-time Logic;
  • Specification of Components and Resources for the General Component Model;
  • Application of the Automata-based Approach to represent General Component Model and its environment.

Main results:

·         Development of the Deductive Proof technique, the Clausal Resolution Method, for the Branching-time Logic setting, (computation tree logic CTL and its extensions) commonly used in computer science;

·         Extension of the applicability of the Clausal Resolution technique capturing Temporal Fixpoint Logics;

·         Formulation of a Loop Searching Algorithm enabling the automation of the method;

·         Study of expressiveness of obtained formalisms and complexity analysis.

                     This is the only clausal resolution based deductive proof method for branching-time logics

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