Workshop on Fixpoints and First-Order Temporal Logics 

Workshop Outline

For a number of years, propositional linear and branching-time temporal logics have been applied in areas such as formal methods, theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence. A variety of logics and sophisticated methods for reasoning with these logics have been developed, and in many cases applied to real-world problems, such as specification and verification of reactive systems, the development of temporal query languages and implementation via executable logics.

With the advent of more complex applications, more expressive logics are increasingly required, such as first-order temporal logics and fixpoint temporal logics. Thus, there is considerable interest in these logics concerning their computational properties, reasoning methods, and their use in applications. In addition, results obtained often penetrate other areas of computer science. For example, work on fixpoint temporal logics has strong connections with logical semantics of programming languages, while work on first-order temporal logics is closely related to knowledge representation and reasoning.

This informal workshop aims to create a stimulating setting to bring together researchers within the UK interested in fixpoint or first-order temporal logics to exchange recent results and ideas. Suggested topics include (but are not restricted to) foundations, efficient proof methods (game-theoretic, automata-theoretic, tableau, resolution-based etc), and applications. It will also provide an important opportunity for researchers working in related areas to gain an overview of the current state of the art in the field.

This Workshop on Fixpoint and First-Order Temporal Logic is being organised by the Logic and Computation group of the University of Liverpool and will be held on 13th September 2001. The workshop will be a one day event and will take place at the University of Liverpool.
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