Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice



This workshop series provides an informal forum for the automated reasoning community to discuss recent work, new ideas and current trends. It aims to bring together researchers from all areas of automated reasoning in order to foster links and facilitate cross-fertilisation of ideas among researchers from various disciplines; among researchers from academia, industry and government; and between theoreticians and practitioners.

Topics of interest 

The series covers the full breadth and diversity of automated reasoning, including topics such as logic and functional programming; equational reasoning; deductive databases; unification and constraint solving; the application of formal methods to specifying, deriving, transforming and verifying computer systems and requirements; deductive and non-deductive reasoning, including abduction, induction, non-monotonic reasoning, and analogical reasoning; commonsense reasoning; and the wide range of topics that fall under the heading of knowledge representation and reasoning.


The workshops in this series are highly interactive, giving all attendees the opportunity to participate. The workshops contain many open discussion sessions organised around specific topics, and often contain sessions for displaying posters and presenting system demonstrations. This is intended to be an inclusive workshop, with participants encouraged from the broad spectrum covered by the field of automated reasoning. We encourage the participation of experienced researchers as well as those new to the field, especially students.