BSc Artificial Intelligence: Information for Candidates


BSc Honours in Artificial Intelligence
(3 year full-time or 4 year sandwich)
UCAS Code: G700


What is AI?
The aim of Artificial Intelligence is to develop theories and computational techniques that will enable machines to display characteristics usually associated with human intelligence, such as communicating in natural language, common-sense reasoning, learning and planning.

This degree combines Software Engineering techniques together with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence developments to prepare you for working in the design and development of intelligent environments, ranging from systems that replace/assist human experts (eg a medical diagnosis system) to programs that can learn and improve their performance. The taught areas cover advanced knowledge representation techniques, intelligent database systems, computer vision, neural computing, natural language processing and understanding, machine learning, game playing, planning, multimedia, Internet and World Wide Web technologies and agent based systems.
 Course Leader: Dr Alexander Bolotov

The BSc AI is hosted by the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Multi-Media. We are a small degree comparing to other BSc degrees within the school. At the same time our students enjoy more attention from the lecturers and tutors due to the small class groups. We constantly revise the content of the course brining it to the state of the art and the needs of industry. Most of our lecturers are active researchers in different areas of AI: machine learning, automated reasoning, computer vision, natural language processing, and others, and many modules taught within the degree are driven by research. If you want to know more about our research please visit the school research WWW page and if you want to know more about the modules please visit the school undergraduate teaching WWW page

Employment Opportunities. ALL of our past graduates are well equipped to meet the modern market requirements and gain jobs in IT or related industries. Some of our graduates continue at postgraduate study either in our university or in other universities, Imperial College, King's College, Queen Mary and other UK institutions. For several years our graduates have together with the degree in AI obtain British Computer Society accreditation which gives them additional benefits when they apply for jobs.