Final Projects 2003-2004 Details

Degree Student Name Supervisor's Name: Topic
BSc AI BASSO  ALESSANDRO Bolotov Alexander A simple automaton for path recognition using image processing techniques.
BSc AI COMPOSTELLA  LAURA Bolotov Alexander Analysis and Implementation of a logical based agent(s)
BSc AI DHANANI  NAILAH NOOR Bolotov Alexander  
BSc AI HUSSAIN  ALTAF Singh Sirjit Intelligent question generation
BSc AI KANSARA  PRITI PRASHANT Kodogiannis Vassilis Pattern Recognition approaches with application to EMG (Electromyograph) classification
BSc AI MCGEE  FAIZ O'Reilly Peter 'Differential Diagnosis of the Red Eye' / 'Expert System'
BSc AI MCKIBBIN  RONAN Bolotov Alexander  
BSc AI RASOOL  FAREED Singh Sirjit  
BSc AI SHEPPARD  WILLIAM HEDLEY Bolotov Alexander Image Processing as part of an intelligent agent for on-line multiplayer role-playing games
BSc AI ZAFRA  JONATHAN Clement Ross The Wumpus Word - Develop a simple game in Jave for AI
BSc AI ZEHAVI  ALON O'Reilly Peter Develop a simple game in Jave for AI
CHANGED from Alexander to Peter.